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About the Miracle Theater

Located in Inglewood’s historic downtown, The Miracle Theater is a cultural event theater that provides a stage for local artists as well as touring acts. As Inglewood’s only independent mid size capacity entertainment and hospitality venue, this multi-purpose stage has hosted live music, comedy, television & film production, branded events, and community forums. 


The Ritz Theatre was located in downtown Inglewood on Market Street, just South of the Fox Theatre, U.A. Theatre, and Inglewood Theatre. The Ritz Theatre was built in 1937, and was listed in the independent theatre section of the L.A. Times.

During the 1960’s, the Ritz Theatre presented first and second-run features. In addition, non-mainstream films like “Mondo Cane,” “Lolita,” and “Dr. Strangelove” played the Ritz Theatre. Here’s something really interesting: Over the period of about a year, the screen was moved forward into the auditorium, then back, then forward again. (I swear, I wasn’t on drugs! This really happened!)

On December 20, 1967 the name was changed to Loews Cine as it was operated by Loews. A new marquee was put in place, the lobby was remodeled, and the auditorium was decorated with blue curtains, including riser curtains for the screen. The opening feature after the remodeling was “The Bible.”

When “I Am Curious (Yellow)” played the Loews Cine, the program was shut down. I remember walking by and seeing no letters on the marquee. A few years later, Russ Meyer’s “Vixen” played the theatre without incident. In the early-1970’s, the Loews Cine continued to present mainstream films, but the neighborhood changed and so did the audience. People would attend the theatre and, when the program started, they would jump onto the riser curtains and be pulled up to the top of the screen. This led to the machinery breaking down.

The theatre became a Pussycat Theatre on December 9, 1975. When Pussycat Theatres left, the theatre became an independent, second-run house for a brief period. Then, it became a community center, then a church, which has since move out. By early 2018 it had re-opened as the Miracle Theatre presenting live performances.