A decade after silent films gave way to “talkies” as the most popular form of entertainment in popular culture, movie houses were built on every Main Street across the country.

During this cultural modernization, The Ritz Theater opened in 1937 in the historic core of Downtown Inglewood as an independent, community movie theater. Residents of all ages came to The Ritz to enjoy feature-length films and the latest newsreels.

By the early 1950s, Hollywood premieres were showcased in Downtown Inglewood at The Fox Theater and The United Artists’ Theater located north on Market Street two blocks from The Ritz.

In 1975, The Ritz was sold and re-opened as one of over 40 movie theaters in The Pussycat Theater adult cinema chain.

In 1985, the community of Inglewood rejoiced when The Pussycat gave way to a cultural arts center. On Sundays, the downtown movie house became The Miracle Theater, a church location hosting popular gospel plays for the community.

By the late 1980s, The United Artists’ Theater had burned down and The Fox Theater had shut its doors. Movies were no longer shown in Downtown Inglewood.

In 1999, Market Street suffered a profound financial setback when its beloved Lakers moved away from The City of Champions.

By the early 2000s, The Miracle Theater fell into disrepair and was left abandoned.

After sitting empty for more than a decade, in 2017, the doors to The Miracle Theater opened once again … re-envisioned as a live music and performing arts venue.